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I have frequently been asked whether I cast spells.I have given this a great deal of thought but I have always declined up till now.There is a reason for this.No matter how good the connection is with the person wanting the spell it is always better if they cast it themselves.Spells are conducted on an energetic level; you know the feeling of that energy and what positive energy change you want to make in that particular circumstance.Often the spell involves a third party with whom you have a direct connection.


My interest in spells came aboutthrough my upbringing.As a child l was influenced by my parents. An example of this was that at the end of the twelve days of Christmas my mother would burn the holly and ask me to take a piece burn it (under her supervision) and make a wish for the year.Some of these wishes did come true.These memories are still clear in my mind.


My father also had his beliefs e.g. if you accidentally spill salt, throw some over your left shoulder for protection and luck.I suppose I came from a family influenced by superstition and one that provided me with an interest to find out more.


I have been casting spells for myself, friends and family for more than twenty years.It all began with wanting to know whether there was any truth in them or power to be had from casting them.I was very surprised that they did have the desired effect.This made me look at more complicated, more defined and varied spell casting rituals.I have come to learn that the most important ingredient in spell casting is faith and believing that it will work.Without this faith l would advise you not to proceed with any type of casting.


In casting a spell which, for example, is to bind a person to us, the third party may not always be a willing participant.This has to be accepted by the spell caster beforehand and dealt with appropriately in the context of the spell.If spells are not approached appropriately they can have the reverse effect, delaying or preventing the magic from working.


My belief is that a person who feels the connection directly to whatever or whoever they are hoping to influence by casting the spell, is usually the best person to cast it.Only you know what it is that you want from the situation which you are trying to influence.For this reason, I do not cast the spell but I provide step by step spells with guidance, so that you can cast the spell yourself.This also provides the added reassurance that because you are casting the spell yourself, you know that it has been done.


It is worth noting at this point that when casting spells you are asking and in effect taking from the higher powers.It is always worth offering something back to help maintain a balance between ourselves and the universal energies.I personally work with the Earth Goddess.In hot weather after casting a spell and asking her for help l will water my garden.l know of someone who will pour her a glass of wine.Its only right that we should honour and thank and reward the deity for her help, assistance and blessings.You might prefer to make a nominal charitable donation.


I am now offering a tailor-made service to all callers who require spells.This involves, firstly, a 30 minute readingat the regular price.This will enable me to get a connection so that I can tailor‑make a spell specifically for that personís situation and circumstances.I donít charge for the spell but l do charge for the reading and a standard administration fee for the research as l want to make sure that l can target the spell accurately.I also provide a list ofall the right ingredients to make sure the spell is as effective as possible.lím sure you can appreciate that this takes time.I can then either email the spell to you or post it first class.


I also provide detailed step by step instructions as to how to proceed;No spell should be cast without asking for and receiving protection from the higher forces and the caster shouldclose down properly after the spell has been cast.


I must emphasise that all the spells I provide are light-worker spells as I only work with the light.All must be conducted with love, light and protection and should only be cast when the caster feels strong enough to do them.They should never be cast when you are stressed or you feel under duress.A lost love will only come back if they are meant to.A spell may make their return a little faster but ultimately it depends on destiny.


Thetailor-made spells which l have already provided to some callers have proved in the most part to be effective.

Spells are available for:




Money & prosperity

Personal happiness




And many more such as banishing and binding, protection from psychic attack, etc.


For further information or enquiries please contact me on the above telephone number.


With love & light


Best wishes