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If you take a reading with us, we WON’T follow it up
with a mail shot through your letterbox.

We consider this a bad idea – people want their
readings to be in confidence.

So instead of a paper magazine, this is our online magazine.
Its free, its available to anyone and its not full of sales blurb
or advertising. Actually, it is something of a hobby

– we hope you enjoy the articles. Happy browsing!

Articles on The Druids, Hieroglyphics, Handwriting analysis, The Tarot, The I Ching, Chinese Divination, Horoscopes, Alchemists and many more.

Readings personally by Alison. If you enjoyed your reading and might like another, please make a note of our phone number.

Our company name has been "hijacked" by at least one other company which turns out to be an agency - you just get the next available reader.

The Ancient of Days